[How to get here]

We are located:
150 km from Tallinn
  60 km from Kuressaare
    8 km from Kuivastu harbour

Männiku Kodumajutus is an hour and a half drive from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The place is very easy to reach by public transport, by taxi or by car. Regular buses depart from Tallinn about ten times a day.
The buses are always guaranteed a place on the ferry, but if you're travelling by car, you may have to wait in the queue to board. Especially, if you're travelling on Friday, on Sunday or during a national holiday, we strongly recommend you to reserve a place to ferry.
Below are the brief driving instructions if you're coming by car from Tallinn. If you're coming by car from somewhere else then Tallinn, you can use for instance Via Michelin Route Planner.

When arriving from Tallinn, wend your way to Pärnu. Drive 28 km straight on Pärnu and then hang a right (1) towards Saaremaa, in accord with traffic signs. Continue driving 40 km dead straight until you reach a crossing (2) in a place called Risti. Now turn onto the road which leads to Virtsu. By driving 70 km, you arrive in Virtsu harbour (3). Next you have to take a ferry to Kuivastu harbour (4) on Muhu island.

When you've arrived in Kuivastu, drive 6 km along the Kuivastu—Kuressaare highway (74) and you should be in a crossing shown in the lower pictures. Now you may choose from two alternative routes.

If you choose the 1st route (Route 1), you should continue roughly 2 km along the highway until you reach a crossing in Soonda. Now hang a right into a gravel road and drive 300 m till you see a barbed-wire fence on your left. Turn left when the fence ends and you're at your destination (5). Yet, do not pass the church!

The other option (Route 2) is to take a turn to the right in the crossing mentioned above. Now you should drive 1,5 km through the village till you arrive in a T-shaped crossing next to a sports field. Turn in your left, pass the church and drive approximately 100 m. Männiku Kodumajutus (5) is the first house on the right. Welcome!

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